Gourmet Ingredients

We select only the finest ingredients to ensure each macaron is crafted with pure, unparalleled flavors and a commitment to quality throughout every layer.



Nutty flavor of pure almond makes these macarons taste like marzipans.



Creamy caramel is blended to textural perfection, unfolding a robust and deeply satisfying flavor with each indulgence. This experience allows the smooth, sumptuous essence of caramel to be savored in every bite.


Chocolate Orange

A bold combination of two timeless flavors, chocolate and orange, blend together in each opulent bite. This decadent and citrusy treat ensures that the depth of chocolate and the zest of orange are both fully expressed for ultimate indulgence.


Chocolate Passion

An invigorating burst of bright, bountiful passion fruit married with deep, creamy dark chocolate creates a bold and exhilarating taste experience, perfectly blending fruity zest with luxurious richness.



A rush of sharp, juicy lime surprises and satisfies, awakening the palate with its bold citrus zest. This crisp and refreshing flavor perfectly caters to those with a love for intense, tangy tastes, delivering an invigorating sensory journey with each bite.


Coconut Lime

This exotic delight marries the creaminess of coconut with the zesty tang of lime in perfect harmony. It creates a refreshing and tropical taste adventure, where the lushness of coconut and the lively bite of lime are beautifully balanced.



Bright, crisp coffee notes seamlessly infuse the creamy filling, offering a smooth perk in every bite. The natural robustness of coffee enriches the flavor, promising an indulgent and sophisticated tasting journey.


Dark Chocolate

This dark chocolate masterpiece marries the richness of deep, velvety cocoa with just the right hint of sweetness, creating a luxurious flavor profile that pays homage to the classic elegance of fine chocolate.

Corporate Gifts & Baskets

Elevate corporate gifting with customizable assortments that are designed with elegance and authenticity to make a lasting impression.

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  • Elegant Packaging
  • Gift Baskets
  • Exclusive Flavors
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Special Orders & Requests

Explore customizable offerings tailored to suit any occasion with personalized colors, diverse flavors, and unique assortments to make your event unforgettable.

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Authentic French Artistry & Recipes

Experience the perfect blend of culinary artisanship, genuine time-tested recipes, and unparalleled quality in every bite.

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  • Authentically Prepared

    Each macaron is meticulously crafted using traditional techniques to create delicate meringue shells, luscious fillings, and rich flavors.

  • Made In The US

    All of our products are prepared in the US by 
French chefs using authentic 
time-honored recipes 
and techniques.

  • Large Flavor Selection

    From fun fruity flavors to extravagant chocolates and beloved classics, we offer a diverse selection of freshly prepared macarons.

  • Quality Ingredients

    Dedicated to excellence, we exclusively source the finest ingredients, ensuring every macaron delivers a premium taste and irresistible texture.

  • Customization Options

    We accept special order requests for personalized assortments that can incorporate custom colors, flavors, gifts, and more.

  • Seasonal Flavors

    Discover our rotating selection of exclusive seasonal flavors that are only available for a limited time.


The Story Behind La Maison Du Macaron

At La Maison Du Macaron, we cater to the discerning tastes of wholesale clients nationwide, including theme parks, restaurants, and businesses, with convenient online ordering. While our bakery remains closed to the public, we welcome appointments for presentations and offer exclusive tours for the media to experience our culinary craftsmanship firsthand.
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